The Blog is Here

I’ve been wanting to integrate a blog on this website for a long time and it’s now finally happened!

There are loads of image sets in the pipeline which I haven’t gotten around to post yet:

  • Brazil from 2006 is probably the oldest, which covers Ouro Preto, Belo Horizonte, Iguazu Falls and Rio de Janeiro.
  • England from the Spring of 2007 is next which bases around London and branches down for a Southern road trip.
  • There’s Croatia from Autumn 2007 as well, of which I’ve posted some pictures but the travelogue is hardly complete yet.
  • 2008 sports a Southeast Asia cruise, starting from Hong Kong to Borneo, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, China and back.
  • Cairo from November 2009 is pretty recent.
  • Cuba from December 2009 is the last trip, starting from Havana, thenĀ  covering Eastern Cuba from Holguin.

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  1. Jay says:

    Hoi Roman
    Wie geht es Dir?
    It is great to see the pictures.
    You are very gifted with pictures and words (nice captions).
    How is your wife and son ?
    Hope to see you sometime somewhere.
    Take care.

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