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All Hotels Should Offer Free Wifi

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

While PCs providing internet access – some for a fee, others for free – are still often seen in hotel lobbies, enough guests tote their own laptops for the hotels to shift their focus to Wifi. And it IS often available, however hard or easy the hotel allows access to it.

Some hotels have it but it’s out of order.

Others offer it for a daily fee.

Yet others only count the online time.

The best however provide it for free – isn’t that how it should be?

The hassle – not to speak of the cost – of an accounting system? Making guests pay for a whole 24 hour-day when all they might need is a few minutes of online time per day, every day? All that for the paltry amount “earned” for the hotel?

Look at it from another side – providing Wifi is virtually free for a hotel. Broadband will already be available, as will a wireless router. Slap on an access key and you’re done. Change the access key once a month if you must. But that’s all that’s needed. Do we need Wifi in all the rooms? No, having it just in the lobby or at the bar or courtyard is good enough.

No maintenance, no costs. And endless goodwill from the hotel guests using it.

I WILL remember the hotels with free Wifi.