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Dubrovnik: Croatia Travel Pictures

We reached Dubrovnik as one of the last stops on our trip, and were expecting a lot. Probably too much.

I was disappointed.

Granted, it is a beautiful town, but I couldn't find anything nicer than some of the towns we'd already visited. That average impression was severly lowered by the crowds of tourists milling the streets. Dubrovnik is a popular cruise-ship destination, so there were perhaps thousands of tour-group tourist zombies in the streets, really distracting from the sights of the town.

Dubrovnik is encircled by a high protective wall dating from medieval times and I found the walk along the wall the biggest attraction. Observing both the town from above on the one side and the sea on the other is a unique experience.

Dubrovnik is trying to cash in from portraying itself as a victim of the recent Yugoslav civil war, I move I feel is uneccessary.

We took the ferry from the easternmost tip of Hvar island to the mainland at Ploce. From there we took the winding costal road down to Dubrovnik. Finding a place for the nice turned out to be a difficult undertaking, either being too expensive for our budget or not good enough.

Leaving Hvar island by ferry

The mainland is not far away

Lighthouse on the tip of Hvar

A small tourist boat

Good weather

The easternmost tip of Hvar. Isn't this picturesque?

Hvar on the left and the mainland on the right

Mainland cliffs

Pictureque road scenery

On the way to Dubrovnik: Neum

On the road to Dubrovnik

On the road to Dubrovnik

The bridge entering Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik suburbs

"Copacabana" beach in Dubrovnik (a far cry from Rio's, lol)

"Copacabana" beach in Dubrovnik at sunset

On "Copacabana" beach in Dubrovnik

Sunset mountain silhouettes

The bridge entering town

Dubrovnik Town wall with swimmer

Dubrovnik town wall

Bathers outside Dubrovnik wall

Ice cream stall right at the entrance to the town

Dubrovnik town wall

Entrance "guarded" by costumed guards

Prayer niche at entrance

"City map of damages caused by agression by the Yugoslav army 1991-1992"

The entrance to the town. Tourists milling about like ants. Straight ahead, left of the church, is one of the entrances for the wall-walk.

Window of the St. Saviour church at the entrance

One of the many museums. We avoided them.

St. Saviour church decorations

St. Saviour church decorations

Costumed people everywhere: Musicians, guards, and this woman.

More sculpture

Restaurant fare

Dubrovnik town wall

Old window

Barber ship

Town street

Dubrovnik from above


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