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Opatija, Croatia Travel Pictures

Opatija used to be a seaside resort during the Austrian-Hungarian-Empire-Era, and many of the buildings, especially hotels, are from that era. Many have been renovated, especially on the outside, to recreate the beauty of that style of architecture.

The town is still overwhelmingly touristy, which decimated it's charm somewhat. It's still a nice place to explore for a day or so, however.

Here, still in Italy, the exit to Trieste and Prosecco (of sparkling-wine fame)

The border-crossing to Slovenia

The main street through Opatija

The garden of our hotel, Hotel Opatija

The beachfront of Opatija at sunset. The mountain-tops in the distance still have a bit of sun


The "beachfront" of Opatija at sunset

The flaking stucco ornaments of an architecture over a century old

Some of the communist-era relics in the hotel: The phone booth

Some of the communist-era relics in the hotel: The spa electric plugs

Some of the communist-era relics in the hotel: the interior of the dining area. I wouldn't really want to know how much asbestos is in the building

The Bellevue Hotel

Lobby area of the Bellevue Hotel

Some of the buildings have nicely renovated facades

Facade details

More nice facades

Villa Angiolina, built by Iginio Scarpa in 1849 was the beginning of turning the sleepy village into a fashionable resort

Villa Angiolina entrance

Villa Angiolina detail

Villa Angiolina garden

Villa Angiolina interior

Villa Angiolina interior, ceiling

Villa Angiolina interior

Villa Angiolina window

Hotel Kvarner

Hotel Kvarner terrace

Hotel Kvarner: They don't make these style of drapes anymore today

Hotel Kvarner: crumbling facade

Hotel Kvarner facade

Hotel Kvarner toilet door

Hotel Kvarner logo

Hotel Kvarner lamp and wall tapestry

Church interior in Opatija

Ice cream is BIG in Croatia


Beautiful details everywhere

More arcitectural details

Another ornate window

Boats on Opatija harbour

Boats on Opatija harbour


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