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Zadar: Croatia Travel Pictures

Zadar was one of the highlights of our trip and had a lot to offer. We took the ferry from the end of Rab Island to land at Jablanac. The white marble streets of Zadar make for a beautiful, clean look and the buildings reflecting the history of the town, dating from the Roman times, make up the large part of it's appeal. A thick wall surrounds the town with several gates allowing entry. Ancient St. Donat's church has a beautiful, unusal atmosphere.

Cars waiting for the ferry at Rab. Although the queue seemed long, the wait wasn't

The coastal cliffs

This is the ferry

Watch it!

The vehicles are packed well on the boat

At sea

Paklenica National Park was nearby, but we skipped it


In Zadar. Oops, better be careful where I park my car

The sky in Zadar

Evening skyline from our hotel

Evening skyline from our hotel

Evening skyline from our hotel

Next morning, we decided to explore the sea right near our hotel. As usual, a pebbly beach

Some cool graffitti

Cool lighthouse

Some cool graffitti

Real life rusty nails

Some cool graffitti

The seaside near Zadar

zadar boat sign

Jazine harbour, Zadar

Historic but dilatidated building

Another mortar imapct site

60's style communist blocks between historic buildings


Jazine harbour

Casino available as well

Historic tiles

The town wall of Zadar across the water

One of the gates into Zadar


Zadar has these white marble streets, which beat tarred roads any day

Zadar street from one of the town-wall entrance gates

A local market

One of the town gates

A larger ferry

St. Anastasia Cathedral

Gate stonework

Kids wondering what to undertake next

Clothware hawkers

Cathedral facade


Cathedral tower

Town watchtower

The pizza they made for Andres, who was 4 at that time


Church skyline

The round Church of St. Donat from the 9th century was built on Roman ruins

Church of St. Donat dome from the inside

Inside church of St. Donat, the steps leading up

Upstairs at Church of St. Donat

The interior of Church of St. Donat

Upstairs Church of St. Donat

Looking down Church of St. Donat

Looking out of Church of St. Donat onto Cathedral of St. Anastasia

Church of St. Donat with some Roman fragments in the walls

Church of St. Donat

Church of St. Donat

Cathedral of St. Anastasia

Some Greco-Roman pillars outside Church of St. Donat

Roman stonework

Cathedral of St. Anastasia

Cathedral of St. Anastasia doorway

Street hawkers in Zadar

Special door handles

These music boxes can be had in some cities of Croatia

At the west end of Zadar

At the water: The sea organ, where water rising and falling within pipes produce a kind of music

Herioc poster, not quite sure for what

Cathedral of St. Anastasia


Zadar street

Bell insode Cathedral of St. Anastasia

Inside bell tower of Cathedral of St. Anastasia

Looking down from bell tower of Cathedral of St. Anastasia

looking down onto Church of St. Donat from the bell tower of Cathedral of St. Anastasia

On footbridge

Mortar impact site


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