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3-Ball Juggling Tutorial: How to Juggle a Hard-Drive and 2 Balls in less than 90 Seconds (VIDEO)

Warning (crap, this had to come): Attempting to juggle bears risks. You may view these videos only if you agree to the terms in the disclaimer.

Let the bytes fly by flinging a hard drive and two balls into the air and keeping them aloft for as long as you wish.

Begin by learning how to juggle three standard juggling balls, one ball at a time. Once you've mastered that, you'll find that you can juggle all sorts of objects with ease. Sharp areas of a hard drive might hurt your hands, so don protective gloves. While you are learning, expect to drop your juglees (juggling objects) during your endeavors. The hard drives and the surfaces they fall onto will not agree to such treatment - take appropriate precautionary measures.

This tutorial is split into three parts so you can get the hang of each step before continuing on to the next. Part 1 provides you with juggling essentials, along with how to toss one ball. Part 2 shows you how to handle two balls. Part 3 moves on to three balls and continuous juggling including a hard drive.  

Video Part 1 of 3  (35 seconds)

The key is tossing the balls to the imaginary points and catching a falling ball while keeping your eyes only on the crest of the ball at it's imaginary point. Once you've got the hang of it, you can try moving the imaginary points higher or lower, or looking through them.

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