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This set of videos and descriptions are intended as entertainment only and do not constitute any encouragement or invitation whatsoever to attempt juggling yourself. Any attempt on your part is entirely your decision and at your own risk. In no way am I, Roman Virdi, liable for any damages of any sort incurred in the process of juggling attempts by you, to your environment, to your or other's possessions, or to other persons, animals, plants or objects.

Any hard drive used for any amount of juggling attempts will certainly, definitely and irrevocably not retain any previously stored data and definitely will not retain it's intended functionality subsequent to any juggling attempt. You may damage and/or destroy any equipment you endeavor to subsequently connect to such a hard drive previously having been used in juggling attempts. You are solely responsible to take all necessary precautions.

A hard drive possesses significant weight and sharp protrusions and will probably damage, destroy, hurt, cut, sever, scratch, dent, incapacitate, knock-out, kill, disable or otherwise detrimentally affect anything it comes into contact with when falling or while in the air, whether living or non-living, including but not limited to your and other nearby people's hands, feet, faces and bodies. Falling and/or flying balls or other objects possess similar destructive and injurious capabilities. You are solely responsible to take all necessary precautions.

By viewing any of the juggling videos, you agree that you have read and understood the disclaimer above and agree to abide by it fully. If you do not agree, you may not view any of the videos but rather surf elsewhere or remain right here and contemplate any or all of the following: the meaning of life; the meaning and deeper reason of your remaining here; what you will endeavor do accomplish subsequent to leaving this page without having continued; what a juggled hard drive and two balls actually look like.


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