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Oceanografico, Valencia, Spain

part 2 of 4

An otter

Leopard seal underwater

The seals were playful

Diving up and down, curious

Man, this seal is big!

Look at those claws! I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those

Still playful

Mini-Shark and sea stars


Umm, mighty orange

A needlefish?

The kelp tank

Liked this color combination

Those are daddy-long-legs! Crab

Sea horse. There were some really tiny ones here

Jellyfish in beautiful blue light

Look at those tentacles

The jellyfish tank. Really beautifully made

Another sea horse

Forgot what these are called. They're very difficult to spot when diving

A walk-through tunnel 

Moray eel

Walk-through tank

Wonderful light

The ray was cool

Look at the nose section: Most of it seems to be transluscent cartilage

Ray. I really like these backlit images

A slightly warmer mood

Not sure, but I'd guess these are surgeon-fish

Surgeon Fish

Surgeon Fish


A sweet-lipped grouper?

A few batfish here

Huge coral head with some sponges

A sleeping shark

A ray

Ray flying


Love the coloring

One of the tanks

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