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Oceanografico, Valencia, Spain

part 3 of 4

It's time for the dolphin show: This guy's popped out of the water

Kids are allowed to touch the animals. I didn't think this was appropriate

Dolphins having an afternoon "siesta"

Two dolphins leaping away, two "sleeping"

Carried by dolphins

She was just shoved onto the landing by the dolphins

They've come to get some fish as a reward

Dolhins throw men who rode them over the rope. Wow!

More fish reward

Carried by a dolphin

Three landed

Dolphins singing

Dolphins singing

Dolphins on their backs

Dolphins pushing along men

Dolphins throwing men to the landing

Synchronized leaps! The trainers used ultrasonic whistles to signal the animals

All the Dolphins now on land


In the arctic zone

A huge Walrus

Wow, look at the size of that animal

Those whiskers and that look are priceless

Walrus portrait

The tank from outside


Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale

The arctic zone tanks

The tanks

Beluga Whale. Look at the size of this animal!

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