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Changuinola/Almirante ñ Bocas del Toro ñ David/Boquete ñ Panama City ñ Panama Canal

Lizard made out of Tagua
Lizard made out of Tagua

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I found Panama to be full of contrasts. The "genuine" Caribbean feeling of Bocas del Toro's houses, landscape and people in the northeast; the mountainous landscapes and people in Boquete making me feel I was in Europe; and the strong American influence in Panama City, amongst others.

We entered the country on foot from Costa Rica, did some good snorkeling in Bocas, took our first (unplanned) national flights of our trip through Latin America in Panama, saw and sailed through part of the marvelous Panama Canal, and visited the old part of Panama City called San Filipe.

You could buy almost anything in Panama City (if you knew where).

Salsa was more prevalent here and people danced to it more than anywhere else on our trip through Latin America.

Panamanians are generally very friendly people and would understand English more than in any of the other countries.

The Panamanian currency is synonymous with the US$. Prices are generally quite acceptable. This trip is from  6.5.2001 to 12.5.2001.

Our route through Panama (the map is clickable)

Our route through Panama (the map is clickable)

My favourites of Panama

Currency: Balboa; 1US$ = 1 Balboa

The diary

6.5 Puerto Viejo to Bocas del Toro (Panama)
7.5 Bocas del Toro
8.5 Bocas del Toro
9.5 Bocas to Boquete
10.5 Boquete to Panama City
11.5 Panama City
12.5 The Panama Canal, Panama City to Caracas (Venezuela)


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