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Terms and Conditions for Royalty-Free Use of Images

You may use any image from this website royalty-free, regardless if you are using it commercially or non-commercially, under the following conditions:

1) The use of the image is in a website, blog, newsletter, mailing, MMS, Compact Disc, DVD, ad, or printed matter such as a brochure, magazine, newspaper, book, or ad.

2) The use may be for a commercial or non-commercial purpose. "Use" constitutes image-usage as-is or modified in any way you wish.

3) You must legibly and visibly display the following text-link or similar (shown below as HTML code) on the same page the image is present:

Images <a href="">(c) Roman's Travel Website</a>

it will look like

Images (c) Roman's Travel Website

A short form and inconspicuous form can be

<p style="font-size:7pt">Image(s) <a href=""></a></p>

which will look like


Please do not use a font size smaller than 6pt. Do not use a font-color identical to the background color or your site will be penalized by Google.

If you are using my images on several of your web pages, you must add the aforementioned text-link on each relevant page.

4) If you do not wish to add the text-link above, you are required to donate between 3-80 US$ per image to Roman Virdi (henceforth "me") using PayPal (click the button below). You must contact me with usage details prior to any such use and I will let you know the exact amount to donate. Usage without the text-link and without prior permission will be billed at 5 times the normal fee.

5) You may use a maximum of 15 images per medium (website, magazine, book etc.) without requiring prior permission from me. If you require more than 15 images, you must get written permission prior to use by contacting me and providing details of use.

6) You may use any image provided it's use is legal according to the law of the country you live in, the law of the country your business operates in (if applicable) and the law of the country your website is hosted in.

7) You must not use any image if it is used for direct commercial gain from the image, for example, but not limited to: commercial postcards, commercial MMS messages, commercial greeting cards, posters, or for direct sale, etc.

8) You may not use any image in a non-commercial environment if the image is the main item of value, for example, but not limited to: royalty-free picture databases, duplication of this website or portions thereof, etc.

9) No text of this website other than the image caption texts of the images used may be used.

10) Copyright for and ownership of the images remains with me. Using any image does not transfer ownership rights of the image to you in any way.

11) These Terms and Conditions are liable to change. You must comply to the Terms and Conditions as currently displayed on this page.

12) By using any of the images you implicitly agree to comply fully to these conditions.

Contact me if you have questions or a use outside of the above conditions. I'm sure we can strike a deal.

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