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Accommodation Reviews

Here are my reviews of some of the accommodation I've lived in over the years (most in retrospect)


I've rated them as

  • Wow! I'll gladly revisit
  • OK! Will return
  • Gnash! Significant downsides, I'll only revisit if nothing better is available
  • Ugh! overbearing downsides, avoid

The rating is independent of Hotel "star" ratings. It's how I like staying at the place which matters: a simple apartment might get a "Wow" just as a 5* splurge might only reach a "Gnash".

Unfortunately, there are few Wow's and a lot of Gnashes. Thankfully, the Ugh's are not too frequent.

What influences the ratings?

  • Cleanliness: there's nothing worse than a smudgy room
  • Emissions: Opening the window to peculiar sounds, sights or smells (busy road, trash dump, disco) isn't exactly my idea of relaxation
  • Spaciousness: crampy mini room-lets should be banned (15m2 and above without the bathroom starts getting cool)
  • Friendliness: Dour personnel usually means they're unmotivated which usually reflects on the room quality
  • Location: Living remotely makes a car mandatory
  • Amenities: A quiet, efficient, regulated air conditioner can be a godsend in hot weather! I don't need a TV nor a mini-bar in the room, so no plus points for those. More free WiFi would be nice, though.